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Youth Trainer Pass Registration 2019-2020
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    Youth Trainer Role

    Please see below for important policies and program details:

    The goal of this program is to identify individuals who are reliable, have an interest in helping children, have good character, promote the benefits of youth soccer, and are interested in serving as Youth Trainers.

    To qualify for a Youth Trainer pass, you must:

    1. Be 16-17 years of age;
    2. Have completed a minimum of a NJYS State Certificate Course (formerly the NJYS F license);
    3. Have completed and received a certification from the online CDC Concussion Awareness course;
    4. Have parental permission, and
    5. Complete a medical waiver certification.

    A Youth Trainer is responsible to:

    1. Help the adult head and assistant coaches during training, practices and games. The role is similar to the responsibilities of an adult assistant coach. However, an adult coach must always be supervising and leading the event.
    2. Follow all bylaws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines promulgated by the utilizing club and NJYS, and
    3. Maintain a copy of his/her NJYS State Certificate (formerly the NJYS F license) and CDC Concussion Awareness Certification.


    1. Clubs using Youth Trainers accept responsibility and all liability for Youth Trainers.
    2. Youth Trainers are under the overall authority of and directly supervised by the head coach and/or assistant coach, and supervised indirectly by the club's/organization's administrators.
    3. An adult licensed coach must always be present when a Youth Trainer is being used.
    4. A Youth Trainer may not be placed on the game day roster but is permitted in the bench area with a Youth Trainer pass under the supervision of an adult with a NJYS Coaching Pass.
    5. Individuals under the age of 18 may NOT hold a USYS Coach's Pass issued by NJYS.