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TOPSoccer Volunteer of the Year Award

The 2019 NJYS TOPSoccer Volunteer of the Year is awarded to the individual who demonstrates extraordinary accomplishments as a soccer coach carrying out the US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer program and its events and activities by (1) demonstrating patience, understanding, dependability, flexibility, and ability to adjust to changing on-field situation; (2) being an invaluable volunteer who facilitates the Program by filling many roles, including being a coach, a cheerleader, a role model, and assisting when needed with administrative responsibilities; (3) provided support, engaged players one-on-one, and modeled desired behavior in group play or off to the side of group play; and (4) remains cognizant of player safety while assisting, guiding, directing, teaching the game of soccer and its skills, and creating a fun and learning experience.

The State winner will be submitted for regional and national consideration. The national TOPSoccer Volunteer of the Year is announced at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala, as a part of the US Youth Soccer Workshop at the United Soccer Coaches Convention each January.

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2017 TOPSoccer Volunteer of the Year: Liam Wintz