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Sports Connect Training and Education
This page will serve as the central resource for training and education opportunities regarding the Sports Connect platform used for player and coach registration beginning with the 2020/2021 seasonal year.
Questions or Assistance?
Sports Connect Inquiries
Ryan Foley, NJYS Onboarding Specialist
(609) 479-2850

General Membership Inquiries
NJYS Office (609) 490-0725

About Sports Connect

Sports Connect aims to connect administrators, coaches, teams, and families with tools that help save time, reduce burnout, and increase participation. Once three independent youth sports technology providers, Blue Sombrero, Affinity Sports, and Stack Sports joined forces to create a unified, all-in-one solution to help efficiently manage sports organizations worldwide.

The Sports Connect solution relies on the technology for team management through Affinity Sports.

Blue Sombrero makes up the core of the new US Soccer Connect/Sports Connect business for clubs.

NJYS looks forward to working with our members through the upgrade to the Sports Connect platform. Information will be continuously shared with the membership throughout the implementation and roll-out.

User Access Request

For clubs that did not attend our roadshows, please utilize the following link to request primary user access to the new state platform. NJ Youth Soccer will only provide users that have administrator access in the current platform with user acess to the new platform.