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Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions that will be updated regularly to help membership obtain important information.

General Information

What is the difference between Bonzi, Blue Star Sports and US Soccer Connect?

Bonzi became Blue Star Sports Connect on February 5th, 2018. The new suite of products offered by Blue Star Sports will include Association Connect, Club and League Connect, Team Connect, Officials Connect, USA Football Connect and U.S Soccer Connect.

Whether you use our Association, Team, Club/League or Tournament solution, Blue Star Sports Connect will offer you the same great sports management and registration features with a much-improved user experience and ease of navigation.

To ensure our future emails reach your inbox, please add the domain @
bluestarsports.com to your safe sender list. In the meantime, please reach out to support@bluestarsports.com with any questions you may have.

How do player/coach photos get on passes?

US Soccer Connect utilizes digital photos uploaded through the member account. For step by step directions, refer to this pdf: Use Member Account to Upload Photo/Birth Certificate.

In addition, note the following suggested requirements:

  • 200px by 150px. Jpeg JPG or PNG
  • PDF for birth certificate upload
  • Crop feature can be used to adjust the picture

What information is needed to gain access to US Soccer Connect software and why do I need to complete a deposit account form if I don't plan on using Blue Star for payment processing?

To complete the paperwork portion of the onboarding process, Blue Star Sports needs clubs to complete the electronic signature on the software license agreement and the deposit account information. Blue Star Sports will be providing services to you, the club, that establishes a business relationship. Those services include hosting content online, data security, online software tools and more. Club account information is collected to ensure proper handling of compliance and our fiduciary responsibilities to you.

How do I get access to my software?

After your club has turned in the documents needed, you will receive an email from the Blue Star Sports on-boarding specialist to schedule a call/online meeting. You will receive access during the call and go through the setup/training one-on-one with the specialist. The process will be slightly different for Travel Programs and Recreation programs. The software is designed to handle both programs and much more.

Can you delete a registration?

You cannot completely delete a record as a registration. You can 'reject' the player or coach and they will not show up as an available participant when rostering, on emails or on reports. They will only show as a record on the Find Player view.

What is a success page?

A success page is the last message a parent sees during the online registration. This is an opportunity for a club to give step by step directions on how to upload a child's photo and birth certificate. US Soccer Connect has created a template for you to use to help.

Please contact US Soccer Connect (866-892-0777 or clubandleaguesupport@ussoccerconnect.com) if you do not have a success page loaded in your player registration event.

Where can I find step by step screen shots on setting up my registration event?

If I have a US Soccer Connect family account under my email, can I still use that email as a club administrator?


What does the auto-confirm setting do?

Auto-confirmation is a club approval process that occurs before players and coaches are sent to the state to be verified or have a background check conducted on them. Blue Star Sports recommends turning auto-confirmation on for players and off for coaches. All coaches must register online to agree to the background check. Clubs will need to verify that they want that individual to coach for their club before he/she is sent to the state. This places coaches in a pending state when they register until the club confirms them. Confirming coaches requires a the club administrator to check off the box next to his/her name and clicking on the submit button.

Can I put coaches in a separate folder, unrelated to gender and age folders?

Yes. This is recommended and will make managing your coaches much easier.

  • Create a 'Coach Pool' folder that sits above the genders and age groups
  • Coaches will register into one pool.
  • Club administrators can assign them to a team
  • Coaches can be rostered to as many teams as needed.
  • Contact the club's on-boarding specialist or Blue Star Soccer support if you need help with the set-up process.

Once a player or coach completes the registration, can that record be deleted prior to it being accepted by NJYS?

Records cannot be deleted, but the player or coach can be 'rejected' prior to being accepted by NJYS.

What if a player is playing up? How do they register?

A club can either expand the age setting so players can register to an older category, or can tell the players to register to their correct age category. The Club Administrator can then move them to an older category.

How secure is the US Soccer Connect system?

US Soccer Connect is PCI compliant to the latest standards, COPPA compliant on all platforms & services and has document encryption. Access is controlled by user permissions. Clubs and leagues own their own data. Additional information can be found at Privacy Policy and Children's Privacy Policy-Blue Star Sports.

When should I clear the cache? What is the preferred browser?

Google Chrome and Firefox are the suggested browsers. Images/files may get cached on web browsers but with constant updates to the system, a "refresh" is needed. If needed, try to clear cache and refresh. If an issue continues to occur, then Contact Blue Star Sports support.

Player Registration

Can I upload data for travel players into US Soccer Connect?

Uploading data is NOT currently an option. Blue Star Sports-US Soccer Connect is the new provider. Updated player and coach data is needed from either parent or club at the point of registration. This information is collected during the initial registration and stored for future reference. The workload decreases significantly in subsequent years for both the club and parents.

How should passes be printed?

NJ Youth Soccer recommends that all passes be printed on sturdy stock paper and laminated to ensure player and coach passes are water/weather resistant. If the referee cannot verify the player or player with the pass provided, then he/she may not be permitted on the field or in the technical area.

How can players be released to join a new club?

Please click Releases/Transfers policy for additional information and refer to your league competition rules.

Coach Registration

  • How long will it take for background checks to be cleared?

New Jersey Youth Soccer conducts background checks on coaches after they register. The results of the review can be any of the following:

  • Background cleared, verified and processed immediately
  • Require additional review for verification
  • Return with a flag that requires further investigation by NJ Youth Soccer to determine eligibility requirements based on the results

The background check process can take one day or up to several weeks depending on the results of the review. Clubs can assign a coach to a team once he/she has been cleared.

What uploads are required for coaches?

Beginning with the 2017/2018 season, NJ Youth Soccer will eliminate the Non-Volunteer Pass and implement a Travel Coach Pass. Below is additional information to guide travel coach/trainers.

  • All travel coach/trainers who will be rostered to a team must register through that club's website under the "Coach Registration" link.
  • Coaches who are rostered to teams in multiple clubs, must register on each club's website under "Coach Registration".
  • Trainers who will not be rostered to any specific team must register using the link on this page.

All travel coach/trainers will be required to authorize a background check during the registration process. The fee for all travel coach/trainer passes is $15 per season. Only one fee will be assessed regardless of how many clubs the coach is rostered with.

Below is additional information about the Travel Coach application pass:

  • Travel Coaches new to NJYS this season (i.e. those who were not on a travel team roster or did not receive a non-volunteer pass last year) will provide their coaching certificate to a club admin that will be uploaded to the coach's account.
  • All travel coaches will submit to a mandatory background check.
  • If the background check is approved, then your club will be permitted to print your coaching pass.
  • If the background check is flagged, then your registration will be reviewed by NJYS and you may be contacted to provide additional information.
  • Background checks will be required each seasonal year. Please note that your club may have additional requirements to obtain a travel coach pass in addition to NJYS requirements.

Travel coach/trainers will have the ability to create and print passes for multiple teams. This does not suggest any tolerance for a trainer/coach to attempt to utilize another printed pass should he/she be dismissed from a game. Suspensions are determined by the league's competition authority and are expected to be fulfilled. Penalties for subverting a suspension, intentionally or unintentionally, will be severe.

The only required upload for coaches is their NJ State Certification course certificate (formerly F State License). This applies only to new coaches that did not hold a volunteer or non-volunteer pass during the previous season. New coaches will need to send a copy of their certificate to their club admin to be uploaded as the safety certificate. Concussion training certificates will be completed through the registration form. A state waiver is included in the registration form which every coach must agree to during the application process. Clubs do not need to collect concussion forms separately.

Do I need to turn background checks on in my club system?

No. Background checks are handled by NJ Youth Soccer. Select 'No' on the setting 'Use Instant Background Checks' during your coach event creation. Select "share data" so that the information flows to NJ Youth Soccer's system.

What is the safety certificate upload for coaches?

This is where State Certificate Course (formerly F license course certificate) will be uploaded by club admins for new coaches only that did not have a volunteer or non-volunteer pass during the previous season.

How many document uploads will the system allow for coaches?

Currently, the system only allows for one upload in addition to a coach photo. This document is for the State Certificate (formerly the F course certificate) for new coaches only. The form is uploaded by a club admin. An enhancement to this feature is in development with US Soccer Connect.

What company is doing the background checks for NJYS?

Reference Services.


What is the fee to play in NJ Youth Soccer?

The NJYS Board of Directors confirmed that the fee for the 2017/2018 and 2018/19 playing season will be $15 per travel player. The per player fee for recreation will remain $9.

How often are club fees due to NJ Youth Soccer?

Club fees (i.e. $15 per travel player per year) are due monthly. They can be accessed on the 'Club Fees' tab in US Soccer Connect in the Club & League area. Fees are payable by credit card or check. Invoices can be printed by the club admin directly. They will not be sent separately by NJ Youth Soccer.

What is the term of NJ Youth Soccer's partnership with Blue Star Sports?

NJ Youth Soccer signed a 3-year agreement with Blue Star Sports for US Soccer Connect. The agreement also provides NJYS the option to extend the agreements for an additional two years.

Are the NJYS Membership and Medical Release forms required?

The membership and medical release forms are now done electronically through registration. Parents, coaches, and club administrators will be able to print the medical release with the fields pre-filled from what was entered during registration.

What is the NJ Youth Soccer policy on club passing?

NJ Youth Soccer will allow club passing beginning with the 2017-2018 seasonal year. Club passes are used to play on another team within the same club as long as proper age restrictions are met. Contact your league for specific rules of its completion.

What is the minimum required use of the US Soccer Connect system?

All travel players and coaches must be entered and registered through US Soccer Connect. Clubs will be able to print a player card and coach pass as well as a team roster. A photo and proof of birth upload is mandatory for each player. There are several entry methods available. Click on the links below for additional information.

All travel coaches are required to obtain a NJYS coach pass. This involves registering online via the club portal to complete a required background check and get approved to coach. Background checks are done yearly. Online registration is required to obtain coach permission to run background check. Here is a reminder about that notice distributed:

Message to League Presidents

In response to a member request, Blue Star Sports will have a Spanish speaking representative to assist those clubs that desire such a resource. Clubs are asked to call into the help line (866.892.0777) and mention that they are a NJ club needing assistance from someone who can speak Spanish.