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About "Pathway to Play"
“Pathway to Play", New Jersey Youth Soccer's Education Series for the US Soccer Connect Project, is geared toward providing registration resources for club registrars at intentional and chronological times throughout the registration cycle.
2019-2020 Registration Overview

There are a few key changes for the 2019/2020 season! Read about those changes in our Registration Overview document.

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Contact NJ Youth Soccer at (609) 490-0725 ext. 8 or ryan@njyouthsoccer.com.

For technical support issues, please contact Stack Sports at (866) 892-0777 (press 2, 2, 3).

The 5-Step Process
Pathway to Play features just-in time email communications for every step of the process, according to this timeline. Should your club choose to go ahead or stay behind this timeline, check out the resources on the top at your own convenience.
The Registration Cycle