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Laws of the Game

During the summer of 2016, the International Football Association Board amended the Laws of the Game for 11v11 play. Our member recreation and travel leagues have been informed of the recent changes to the laws of the game, and of course, so have the referees. The document is a quite extensive, but here are the more common changes that you should be aware of. Feel free to contact us or your league with additional questions.

  • The ball can be kicked in any direction, including backward, at kick-off (previously, the ball had to go forward first).
  • Players who are injured as a result of a red card/yellow card foul, now may be treated on the field by medical personnel and stay on the field (previously, any treatment by medical personnel required the player to leave the field and referee had to signal the player back on).
  • Not all fouls that deny an obvious goal scoring opportunity will result in a red card (send-off offense), but rather, depending on the circumstances, the player may be shown a yellow card if the offense is within an opponent's penalty area.

View the complete Laws of the Game document.