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Definition of Terms

Sanctioned Event - a game, practice session, tournament, or tryout that is sponsored by a member club, league or NJYS. This also includes tournaments sanctioned by other members of USSF for which a travel sanctioning has been issued.

Volunteer Coach: coach, assistant coach, youth trainer, manager as long as he or she is listed on the team/club roster

Non Volunteer Coach: an individual who has registered with NJYS as a non volunteer

Volunteer Referee: an individual, not registered as a referee with USSF, and not assigned to referee the match, who volunteers to referee when an assigned referee does not appear. Usually a parent.

Usual and Customary: fees and services which do not exceed those medical related fees generally charged for similar medical care in your area.

Medical Care: includes necessary stays in a hospital, medical or surgical treatment by a doctor, and the services of a licensed or graduate nurse. Medical care excludes eyeglasses, hearing aids, cosmetic surgery and infection except for those caused by a covered injury.