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Secondary Player Permissions

Players in NJ Youth Soccer may only have one Travel Member Pass (i.e. primary card). NJ Youth Soccer also permits secondary permissions for 11U through 19U players. Note that this is not permitted for 6U through 10U and at the 4v4 and 7v7 levels. Policies for secondary permissions are determined at the League level, see your local NJ Youth Soccer Member League for details.

Therefore, a player may play with a club with his/her primary card in League A, and play with a club using a secondary permission in League B. Again, implementation of secondary permissions is determined by the respective NJYS member Leagues. Check your local league policy or league registrar for details.

There should be no "dual" or "double" carding where a player has a NJYS membership with more than one team or club. Any player found to have multiple NJYS memberships will expose themselves and their teams to discipline action by a competition (NJYS, League, Tournament, etc.).

As it pertains to NJYS State Cups (NJYS National Championships Series, Presidents Cup and Commissioners Cup), players with secondary permissions are not eligible even though the team's NJYS League may permit secondary permissions. If a player with a secondary permission appears on a State Cup roster, that team will be disqualified from the competition.

NJ Youth Soccer began allowing club passing with the 2017-2018 seasonal year. Club passes are used to play on another team within the same club as long as proper age restrictions are met. Contact your league for specific policies and rules of its competition.