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Celebration of Soccer

INTRODUCTION: This program is designed solely for boys and girls up to age 16 participating at the "recreational level" currently registered and playing in an affiliated NJYS recreational club/organization.

PURPOSE: To promote a love for playing soccer starting at the grass roots level-the community soccer programs. Encourage a player first philosophy - that is team follows player.

FORMAT: The Celebration of Soccer is based on "pure self-discovery and experimentation" where like a "street soccer" learning environment, there are no coaches or referees. The players are making their own decisions, policing the game. Players have complete ownership of the game. Professional player appearances and demos as well as music playing throughout the day!


  • This one-day program is FREE to the participants who register.
  • Upon registration participants are given a t-shirt.
  • A specially designed warmup will proceed each age group session.
  • At the conclusion of every age group program a professional player demo (i.e. NY Red Bulls Street Soccer Team) every child will receive a coupon for a goodie bag, Ball, hot dog and soda.
  • DJ and specially selected music.

Time schedule for a 1-hour age group program:

  • 9:00am-9:45am - 5-7 year olds (4v4 no GKs - 6 minute games - teams rotate after music stops)
  • 10:00am-10:45am - 8-10 year olds (4v4+GKs -6 minute games teams rotate after music stops)
  • 11:00am - 11:45am - 11-13 year olds (6v6+GKs -6 minute games -ladder tournament winner moves up loser moves down; ties team in possession after 6 mins is winner)
  • 12:00pm - 12:45pm - 14-16 year olds olds (6v6+GKs -6 minute games -ladder
    tournament winner moves up loser moves down; ties team in possession after 6 mins is
  • 1pm-2pm takedown and clean up
  • **Food & goodie bags handed out immediately after every age group session


NJYS DOC and instructors from the NJYS Coaching School Staff will assist in overseeing the event. The coaches and volunteer parents and administrators of the program/club will be required to be "facilitators" on every field. Clubs will be selected following an RFP process and given the tools to implement these to fit their program.

Club provides volunteers to assist with clean up and take down. Club is responsible for ice service we recommend 10 bags of ice for every 200 players.


All FIFA Laws will apply with a few modifications:

1. Field of play
i. 4v4 The field of play will be maximum 20 yards long by 15 yards wide.
ii. 5v5 The field of play will be maximum 25 yards long by 20 yards wide.
iii. 7v7 The field of play will be maximum 40 yards long by 30 yards wide.

Several games can be played simultaneously side by side on a regulation soccer field. Where goals with nets are not available, goals will be made using flags/tall traffic cones spread 6 feet wide by 4 feet.

2. The ball will be a size #4 for all games. There will be an ample supply of balls to keep things moving.

3. The game forms will be 4v4 (No GK); 5v5 and 7v7. Every child will be assigned to play on a field by random selection-no substitutes; unless they are injured or they themselves choose to come out of the game or not to play need a rest, drink, bathroom etc. Staff coaches will be involved to join in the play if the game bogs down but players will score goals and prevent goals.

No directive/instructional coaching will be allowed, coaches are there to supervise and observe their teams/players play. The use of the "Coaching Tool Kit" will be strongly encouraged-along with a lot of encouragement of all the players of both teams.

4. One team will wear pinnies; to be decided by the players. All players must socks covering shin guards in order to play. For safety reasons, slide tackling of any sort will NOT be allowed.

5. Each club coach/admin etc must "supervise field. Mainly Coaches will help to help get balls back into play NO THROW INS OR KICK OFFS.

6. Each match will last 6-10 minutes max. A minute or two to move to the next field or as a rest/ drink break and to sort the players out for the next game.

7. Children will decide the team that starts with the ball; it can be put into play as soon as the music starts at any point in the team's own half. After a goal is scored the ball is put back into play by modified Goal Kick (see Goal Kick).

8. For 7v7 matched a line of cones that stretches the width of the field extending 14 yards from the end line on each end will be called the "safety zone"-no offside will be played. For 4v4 matches a player on the defending side must defend the goal from 3 yards out that is a "safety zone" as they cannot "hang out in this zone or in front of the goal" However, any player on the attacking side can run into this zone to receive/chase down a pass or to get a rebound, and is able to dribble into the zone and shoot or pass from inside the zone.

9. A goal is scored as in the FIFA rules. However, if cones or flags are used for goals, the ball must go under the height of the flag.

10. All fouls, regardless of intent, will result in indirect-free kicks.

11. No throw ins. Players will have the choice of passing the ball in or dribbling it in.

12. No goal kicks; ball can be put back into play from a pass or dribble started from any point inside the "safety zone." Opponent must be behind the midline when ball goes out the end li