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NJYS Futsal State Cups

New Jersey Youth Soccer expanded its programming with the launch of the NJYS Futsal State Cup in early 2019.


The NJYS Futsal State Cup tournament format is 5v5 futsal. Each team plays at least three 30-minute games, with a semifinal and a final if a team advances to that stage.

The NJYS Futsal State Cup is created for teams in the U11/U12, U13, U14, U15 and U16/17 age groups. Winners can also earn the opportunity to play in one of US Futsal's prestigious Regional Championship events.The tournament accepts NJ Youth Soccer passes as well as US Futsal passes. For teams and players who are not registered with NJ Youth Soccer or US Futsal, you can get information about obtaining passes by contacting statecups@njyouthsoccer.com.

The NJYS Futsal State Cup is managed by EDP Soccer, one of the leading league and tournament companies in the country. For questions about the event, please contact communications@njyouthsoccer.com.

NJYS Futsal State Cup Champions - Winter 2019

NJYS Futsal State Cup - Boys

12U: NYRB RDS Pre-Academy NJ North

13U: Ironbound SC Red-Inter

14U: Match Fit Academy FC

15U: Quick Touch Futbol Red

16U: RUSA FC Gold

17U: Los Amigos

NJYS Futsal State Cup - Girls

11U: WHSA NJ Elite Cosmos

12U: YESA Heat

13U: WHSA NJ Elite Cruijff White

14U: PDA Shore Flash

15U: SJEB Rush

16U: Olé Soccer Samba Queens

17U: Sole Futsal Felder