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Compliance Uploads
In the 2019-2020 seasonal year, coaches are required to upload compliance documents for viewing and verification by NJ Youth Soccer. There are different thresholds of requirements based on the program type in which a coach participates. Additionally, adults who are in regular contact with youth (aside from coaches) have compliance requirements.
Where to Upload Documents

Coaches will upload documents to their member profile on their club's NJYS registration site during or after their 2019-2020 registration. Coaches may use the member log-in button in the top left-hand corner of their club's registration site.

Click here for a listing of NJYS club registration sites.



Travel Adult Member Pass Recreation Adult Member Pass TOPSoccer Adult Member Pass Adults in Reg. Contact
Coaching Education Required* Recommended Required** Recommended
Concussion Education Required Required Required Recommended
SafeSport (Sexual Abuse) Required Required Required Required
Background Check Required*** Required**** Required**** Required***


*Minimum of State Certificate (Formerly NJYS F License) required
**TOPSoccer Coaching Certificate required
***Background check required through NJYS registration provider
****Background check required through NJYS registration provider or club administrator certifies compliance
US Soccer Connect Terminology

US Soccer Connect provides three upload locations for coach compliance documents. NJYS does not have the ability to rename the locations. The chart below indicates the locations that NJYS documents must be uploaded to on the US Soccer Connect member profile.

NJYS Requirement US Soccer Connect Term
Coaching Education Safety Certifcate
Concussion Education Concussion Education
SafeSport Sexual Abuse Prevention

Documents must be uploaded to the proper location on US Soccer Connect. Should a document be uploaded to the improper location, it will be removed by NJ Youth Soccer during the verification process; requiring coaches to upload the correct certificate prior to receiving a pass.