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2018 Annual General Meeting
June 15, 2018 at 7:00pm
Holiday Inn of East Windsor
(399 Monmouth Street, East Windsor, NJ 08520)

NJ Youth Soccer Member Clubs,

Please be advised that the 2018 Annual General Meeting will take place on June 15, 2018 at 7:00pm in East Windsor, NJ. Any individuals interested in running for President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary or State Registrar should contact Wayne Cordiner, NJYS 1st Vice President at njysodp@gmail.com prior to the May 1st deadline. For more details, see the NJ Youth Soccer Bylaws and Constitution posted on our website.

At the 2018 Annual General Meeting, the NJYS Board of Directors is scheduled to vote on the following positions:

  • President* (Duties include: To serve as Chief Executive Officer, with the responsibility for overall operations of NJYS)
  • 2nd Vice President* (Duties include: To serve as third in command, to oversee approval of tournament applications of NJYS Clubs, Teams or League, to perform other such duties as may be delegated by the President.)
  • Secretary* (Duties Include: To maintain accurate and detailed records of all Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings, to prepare and distribute to all Members of the Board of Directors an up-to-date director of NJYS officers, committee Chairpersons and affiliated League officials, to submit annual documentation to the US Soccer Federation)
  • State Registrar* (Duties Include: To keep a complete record of all Teams and players for the purpose of player registration, Team, Club and League affiliation and insurance records, to make know to each League, 45 days prior to the annual election, the number of affiliated Teams registered with the NJYS by that League and the corresponding number of votes in accordance with the Proportional Voting system, as set forth in Section VI above, to oversee the work of the District Commissioner to ensure that forms and other paperwork is submitted in a timely manner.)
  • Travel Area Commissioners (North, Central, Shore and South Areas) (Duties Include: To preside at meetings of the Area organization, to represent NJYS to the Traveling Leagues and affiliated Clubs in their area.)
  • Recreation Area Commissioners (North, Central, Shore and South Areas): (Duties Include: To represent NJYS to the Recreational Leagues and Clubs in their area and, in turn, convey the views, complaints, suggestions and other communications from their area to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, to keep accord of Leagues and Clubs in the Commissioner's area and encourage all recreational programs to properly affiliate.)

*The Proportional Voting System, as outlined in Section VII of the NJYS Bylaws, shall determine the number of votes to which each voting Member League is entitled, based on the number of players properly registered with New Jersey Youth Soccer. These positions have a two-year term.

Area Positions

Travel Commissioners will be elected for one-year positions during the meeting. Each Commissioner is elected by the Leagues in her/his own area. Nominations for these positions may be made at the AGM or in advance to the NJYS Secretary (htalarico115@yahoo.com).

Area Recreation Commissioner will be elected by Recreational Clubs (1 vote each) in that appropriate geographical area. Proxy ballots are allowed for this position only (see provided form on the NJYS website). The form must be signed by a Club official and received in the State Office c/o NJYS Secretary (htalarico115@yahoo.com) prior to the start of the AGM meeting. Any recreational Club may cast its vote in person, if desired, and may revoke prior to the election any proxy previously submitted. These are two-year positions as per the NJYS bylaws.


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